[trx_title align=”center” font_size=”3.5em” color=”#ffffff”]3 Types of Meetings Every Pastor Should Lead[/trx_title]
[trx_title style=”underline” align=”center” font_size=”2em” css=”line-height: 45px; letter-spacing: 1px;”]Not all meetings are created equal. Use this infographic to help you decide which type of meeting to have and when to have it.[/trx_title]

A meeting is a meeting, right? Wrong.

Calling the wrong meeting for the wrong occasion is like trying to hammer a nail with a screwdriver—it’s painful, a waste of time and energy and usually doesn’t work.

But, don’t fear, we created this infographic to help you know which meeting to call, when to call it, who to include, and what the purpose is for each meeting. We hope it helps eliminate some frustration and help you, your staff and volunteers become more efficient.